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Welcome to DesignMe - a customer-centric web services company

Welcome to DesignMe, LLC. Here, we think outside of the box and look towards innovation as a means of achieving success in business and on the web. We are a uniquely-positioned web services company offering custom services, API integrations, application modules and our newest product: The Ubunifu Platform™.

Integrations Anyone?

Hey there. Tired of having to choose a platform for your CMS, LMS, eCommerce, eMarketing, social media and CRM? Choosing these can be very difficult choices to make and you still have to pay for expensive integrations. We offer all of these things under one roof. We have spent a lot of time researching the best applications available on the market and have made strategic partnerships with each to bring you the best in customer support, discounted services and fully integrated platform with a single administrative panel.

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